Back To School Fashion

Rule the School with Back to School Fashion

Hitting class isn’t a time everyone enjoys, but a least there is a period of time where back to school fashion involves a little clothing haul. Here are some key tips for a unique back to school fashion look.

Hit The Vintage & Thrift Stores


If you have a specific look in mind with those expensive brand name stores, thrift stores are the way to go. For back to school fashion, clothing adds up to be quite the expense, thrift stores are a good way to get a bulk of clothing for cheap, and with luck you can find those brand names for cheap. If you’re a DIY type of soul, thrift stores are great for re-purposing clothing for a unique look.

Tip: Check out Pinterest and find looks you want, print some pictures, and search for similar clothing items.

Invest in Accessories


When we talk back to school fashion, we mean all fashion, investing in some accessories could really make or break an outfit. For example, wearing a simple tee and some baggy jeans is a very basic, but suddenly when you wear a necklace, bracelet, or rings, it looks like you tried that day – in a good way. Back to school fashion is nothing without a good accessory.

Tip: If you aren’t a jewelry person, fear not. Wearing something like a hairband in your hair, or hair tie on your wrist also counts, so invest in some of those items and you’re good to go.

Figure Out Your Style


Back to school fashion is about expressing yourself. It’s tempting to dress in all name brands when you find yourself looking at other people and wanting what they wear. But if your style is name brand then good for you! If it’s not, however then its a little harder to express yourself.

Find what you’re drawn to, compare and contrast: Do you like bell bottom jeans versus skinny jeans or are you not denim person at all. Make a list of what you have in your wardrobe (And while you look through your clothing pick out the stuff you don’t wear and donate it) and try to find a pattern. That way when you buy clothing you will use the items you buy, while instead let it rot in the back of your closet.

Tip: If there is no pattern to your clothing and you’re a free spirit buyer, you do you and continue to be spontaneous and fun, and experiment with your wardrobe.

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An Everyday Summer Hairstyle

Summer is the best time to vamp up everyday wear and hair, but with so many sunny days ideas start to run low on that summer hairstyle, that’s why we’re posting our three most favorite summer hairstyles.

Summer Hairstyle Picks

Number 1, The Beach Waves with the Two Braids.


This summer hairstyle is rather easy to do, and ideal for longer hair. The first step is to get those beach waves, which can be achieved in multiple ways. Washing your hair is always the first step, from there you can either spray in a sea salt spray or beach wave spray, twirl the hair around your finger until all the hair is dry, or sleep with braids. Next, just braid the hair located by the front of your ears, leave some strands of hair by your face, and ta da! This sweet summer hairstyle is complete.

Number 2, The Braid and Pony.


This summer hairstyle is for my short haired girls out there, who are sick of have their hair stick to their neck. This hairstyle is rather easy. First separate a part straight down the middle of your scalp with a brush. Keep one side contained from the other by loosely putting the selected side in a quick bun, so it doesn’t get in the way. Then French braid your hair straight across your head until the braid stops parallel to the top of your ear, then ponytail it. Do the same to the other side and pull at the braids a little for thicker looking braids and ,done!

Number 3, The Bun and Scarf.


This summer hairstyle is the easiest to do out of all three, short bob-length, medium, and long hair can achieve this look with ease. Just do a bun, high-up or low, clean or messy! Just you do you. Then place a head scarf on, and you can look seamlessly beautiful with out putting in any effort.

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K Beauty Trends Are All The Rage

This week’s spotlight on Kini Bands blog is: Korean Beauty! Ever notice that there are now more skincare and makeup brands available to us here in the US from all over the world? Say you’ve been planning to change your daily skin routine, you’ll find that a trip to your local Sephora or Ulta beauty store will give you lots of international options. Focusing on K beauty, with so many on the market, it can be quite overwhelming finding what’s right for you. So to help you out we’ve complied a list of our favorite Korean brands that are sure to meet your beauty needs!

#1 Skin Food

Up first on our K beauty faves, this brand features a wide variety of skin care, makeup, and hair products that are made from  natural ingredients such as fruits and vegetables. Originating in South Korea, Skin Food made their logo a guardian angel to represent the promise of purity in all products to customers.

We recommend you try!

Skin Food’s : Beauty In A Food Mask, which comes in an array of fresh sheet masks to revitalize and soften your face. I love the Acai berry mask, it’s great for unwinding at the end of the day.


Skin Food’s: Peach Sake series.

A unique set of peach infused products that you can build into a set to fit your skin care needs. Choose from pore serum, Toner, moisturizer,  cleanser, or face masks! Designed for sensitive skin, these products are made for skin care fanatics and peach lovers alike.


#2 Tony Moly

Another K beauty brand popping up everywhere, this line is slowly making its way onto everyone’s beauty essentials list. Tony Moly designs products from makeup, to pore packs, to hand creams; which can also be found online or at some of your local beauty shops. With all natural ingredients, they’re made for ultimate refreshing and promoting healthy skin. Did I mention they’re also made in adorable packaging?



Shown above from left: Tony Moly’s I’m Real fresh sheet masks, Panda’s Dream brightening eye-stick, Lip essence fruit balms, Pore tightening egg pack, and Magic Food: banana over night-moisturizer. 


#3 Etude House

Another Korean beauty powerhouse that is creating lots of buzz with vloggers and skin care enthusiasts. Etude House offers various products great for skin, hair, and even makeup like BB cream and eyebrow tints!

One of their most popular products for example is Wonder Pore, a multipurpose toner that gets rid of those pesky clogged pores and clears dark spots on your skin. With its active ingredients, it helps to promote a nice complexion and a feeling of being refreshed.


We also recommend their Silk Scarf Hair Treatment, another product beauty lovers have been raving about. Perfect to add to your weekly hair care routine, this floral scented oil promotes healthy, strong locks! Best for those that need that extra umph when treating brittle ends, or breakage.

Silk Scarf Hair Treatment-600x600

And of course, what hair care routine isn’t complete without an everyday accessory to tie it all together? (literally) Our hair ties and head bands go hand-in-hand with a healthy mane. Be sure to take a peek at our shop and check out our many styles and colors!

Next time you’re in need of a new hair, skin or makeup regimen consider these unique K beauty brands and do your homework! Find out what will work best with your personal skin and be wary of active ingredients in case of any allergies before purchasing. As always, thanks for reading and tune in next Monday for a brand new post.

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Fun Hair Tie Alternatives

Looking to change up your everyday up do for the Summer time? Here are a few tips and trends to help you achieve the perfect look for your locks!

Between hair ties, head bands, hair clips and all things girly, there really is something for everyone to try.

First up of course is our very own Kini Bands! If you are a new reader tuning in, our hair ties and hand bands are unlike anything else you’ve seen! Made from the same material as our swimwear, these versatile babes thrive in land or sea! Unique and perfect for casual beach attire or a day out and about! They’re even ideal as part of your active wear, Yoga fans rejoice! Be sure to check out the Kini Bands shop to find your everyday hair tie alternative.


(seen above is the Crown of Titan headband)

Another great hair tie alternative is braiding! With so many different ways to do it, you can really never go wrong! One of our favorites for example, The milkmaid braid.

A cute twisted up-do that is sure to get you compliments throughout the day. Simply french braid the top section of your hair until you’ve created pigtails, then carefully twist inward. What’s great about this hair style is you can rock it neat or messy! Dress it up or dress it down, try this one out next time you need a quick fix hair do.


Last but not least are sock buns! Yup! You read it right, you might be thinking “What? A sock bun?!” To a good amount of women, this trend has become quite popular for all times of the day. If you aren’t familiar this is when you cut the toe part off of a long tube sock and roll it up until it resembles a doughnut shape.Hence the name also being known as “The Doughnut bun”. You then place it at the end of your ponytail and carefully tuck your hair into the center of the shape, rolling towards the base and rotating as needed, eventually you have your finished product! There are of course sponge-like buns you can purchase from the store to get this same look, but who doesn’t like a little DIY once in a while?


A fun transitional look for either day or night, these are best when you aren’t sure how to do your hair for that rustic wedding coming up, or that dinner date you have Friday night! So next time you find yourself thinking of how to switch up your everyday look keep these tips in mind. Stray away from the classic ponytail and elastic hair ties and go for these hair tie alternatives!

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Festival Mood Board

It’s that time of year again! That’s right, festival Season! To many that means dedicating weekends to seeing their favorite artists live and spending Summer nights with good company.  With just a few weeks left until music festivals begin to kick off, you might be asking yourself “What am I going to wear?!” Festivals like Coachella are also widely known as unofficial fashion hot spots, people from all over flock to these events and show off their best signature style. Need some help thinking of outfits? Knowing a few key trends about what’s in is great for inspiring ideas of what to wear to your weekend getaways.

#1 Bright colored cropped tops and high waisted shorts

With some minimal accessorizing and bright lipstick these closet staples help make for a flirty, simple look.

festival looks 1

Having a few pairs of cutoffs in your wardrobe is an essential for that effortless, Festival outfit. Try out different styles, add something to everyday shorts with crocheted hems, rips, or patches! The best part is being able to incorporate your own sense of style into wearing them, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your pair.


Go for unique colors, prints, and textures!


Dressing them up or down, tuck your favorite Band tee, or even a body suit into them like below! There is really no wrong way to wear them.


#2 Bandanas!

Another trend circulating around the fashion world, Bandanas are quickly becoming a new go to accessory among many! If you haven’t seen or heard much of it yet, they can be worn pretty much anywhere you’d like in all sorts of colors! (e.g. around the neck, ankle, waist, or arm.) Like lots of trends in fashion, this has been pretty done before.  A nostalgic,fun accessory graciously revived from the past, it adds a touch of femininity to almost any outfit!


Tied around the neck, it’s simple yet chic!


Bandanas can also be very useful in hot desert venues! Festival goers should keep in mind the weather and dress to impress, but comfortably too.


#3 Ethereal hair and barely there makeup.

To tie your festival look altogether, go for a natural makeup and a breezy hair style. Like a messy up-do with a flower crown, or soft boho waves.


Flower crowns are great for last minute festival hair inspiration! Fun, cute, and simple!


Achieve these beachy waves with a curling iron, or wand. Curl them away from your face, and in random sections to get a more natural looking wave.


A popular makeup technique, called strobing, highlights along the cheekbone to add glow to your features. Completed with earth toned eye shadow and a nice nude lipstick, as shown above.


Hair accessories like Kini Bands can also help achieve your festival look! Whatever way you choose to style your hair and outfit, make it your own and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Try some of these new ideas to get your ensemble together. Happy Festivaling!

P.S. Visit be sure to visit our site for Siren Head Bands and Calypso Turbans, perfect for your festival. And don’t forget the Hair Ties

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Just the Hair

When it comes to hair, you may get excited, overwhelmed, or just plain frustrated. BUT…with the many different types of options we have to decorate our crowns, there’s a right one for you.

All of the YouTube videos in the world may not be enough to encourage the most determined, but there is always a way to help switch up your style. When is the last time you braided a friend’s hair? It’s a great way to get some practice in! Be it a boxer braid, a Dutch braid, or a classic French, there are many options for your stylish desires.

Another recent #hairtrend is a headband. Whether you’re working out or it’s just a windy day, a gorgeous headband could be the perfect choice to add some splash to your wave.

Or maybe you’re the trendsetter to kick off something you’ve always wanted to try. Perhaps you’re going to try the unicorn ‘do. Perms were a thing once, which could definitely resurface again, right?

There are always new and exciting ways to test hair boundaries and create something new. Try out that stoplight hair with red, blonde and green and you’ll be the Belle of the ball tonight!

Whatever you choose, be sure to love it. It can only create more people who love you and your stylish ways.

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Gold Hair Ties Are Here

Big news! We’ve finally received our first batch of golden metal charms, for the first phase of making Kini Bands available in various metal colors, charm styles, etc.


Now those who prefer gold over silver will now be wearing our gold hair ties alongside our silver-loving Kini Band fans. We’ve noticed a shift in women gravitating from silver to gold, so to be able to add these is so exciting, meaning that we have more supporters to help share the love of Kini Bands with the world.


Do you prefer silver or gold? What other metal finishes and charm designs do YOU want to see? Rose gold? Hair ties with shapes like shells, hearts, letters, etc? Leave us a comment below and let us know. We are listening to your feedback!


Be sure to place YOUR order by December 22nd in order for your bands to arrive in time for the holidays. Shop here at and let us know what you think of the new site!
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