Back To School Fashion

Rule the School with Back to School Fashion

Hitting class isn’t a time everyone enjoys, but a least there is a period of time where back to school fashion involves a little clothing haul. Here are some key tips for a unique back to school fashion look.

Hit The Vintage & Thrift Stores


If you have a specific look in mind with those expensive brand name stores, thrift stores are the way to go. For back to school fashion, clothing adds up to be quite the expense, thrift stores are a good way to get a bulk of clothing for cheap, and with luck you can find those brand names for cheap. If you’re a DIY type of soul, thrift stores are great for re-purposing clothing for a unique look.

Tip: Check out Pinterest and find looks you want, print some pictures, and search for similar clothing items.

Invest in Accessories


When we talk back to school fashion, we mean all fashion, investing in some accessories could really make or break an outfit. For example, wearing a simple tee and some baggy jeans is a very basic, but suddenly when you wear a necklace, bracelet, or rings, it looks like you tried that day – in a good way. Back to school fashion is nothing without a good accessory.

Tip: If you aren’t a jewelry person, fear not. Wearing something like a hairband in your hair, or hair tie on your wrist also counts, so invest in some of those items and you’re good to go.

Figure Out Your Style


Back to school fashion is about expressing yourself. It’s tempting to dress in all name brands when you find yourself looking at other people and wanting what they wear. But if your style is name brand then good for you! If it’s not, however then its a little harder to express yourself.

Find what you’re drawn to, compare and contrast: Do you like bell bottom jeans versus skinny jeans or are you not denim person at all. Make a list of what you have in your wardrobe (And while you look through your clothing pick out the stuff you don’t wear and donate it) and try to find a pattern. That way when you buy clothing you will use the items you buy, while instead let it rot in the back of your closet.

Tip: If there is no pattern to your clothing and you’re a free spirit buyer, you do you and continue to be spontaneous and fun, and experiment with your wardrobe.

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