An Everyday Summer Hairstyle

Summer is the best time to vamp up everyday wear and hair, but with so many sunny days ideas start to run low on that summer hairstyle, that’s why we’re posting our three most favorite summer hairstyles.

Summer Hairstyle Picks

Number 1, The Beach Waves with the Two Braids.


This summer hairstyle is rather easy to do, and ideal for longer hair. The first step is to get those beach waves, which can be achieved in multiple ways. Washing your hair is always the first step, from there you can either spray in a sea salt spray or beach wave spray, twirl the hair around your finger until all the hair is dry, or sleep with braids. Next, just braid the hair located by the front of your ears, leave some strands of hair by your face, and ta da! This sweet summer hairstyle is complete.

Number 2, The Braid and Pony.


This summer hairstyle is for my short haired girls out there, who are sick of have their hair stick to their neck. This hairstyle is rather easy. First separate a part straight down the middle of your scalp with a brush. Keep one side contained from the other by loosely putting the selected side in a quick bun, so it doesn’t get in the way. Then French braid your hair straight across your head until the braid stops parallel to the top of your ear, then ponytail it. Do the same to the other side and pull at the braids a little for thicker looking braids and ,done!

Number 3, The Bun and Scarf.


This summer hairstyle is the easiest to do out of all three, short bob-length, medium, and long hair can achieve this look with ease. Just do a bun, high-up or low, clean or messy! Just you do you. Then place a head scarf on, and you can look seamlessly beautiful with out putting in any effort.

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