Fun Hair Tie Alternatives

Looking to change up your everyday up do for the Summer time? Here are a few tips and trends to help you achieve the perfect look for your locks!

Between hair ties, head bands, hair clips and all things girly, there really is something for everyone to try.

First up of course is our very own Kini Bands! If you are a new reader tuning in, our hair ties and hand bands are unlike anything else you’ve seen! Made from the same material as our swimwear, these versatile babes thrive in land or sea! Unique and perfect for casual beach attire or a day out and about! They’re even ideal as part of your active wear, Yoga fans rejoice! Be sure to check out the Kini Bands shop to find your everyday hair tie alternative.


(seen above is the Crown of Titan headband)

Another great hair tie alternative is braiding! With so many different ways to do it, you can really never go wrong! One of our favorites for example, The milkmaid braid.

A cute twisted up-do that is sure to get you compliments throughout the day. Simply french braid the top section of your hair until you’ve created pigtails, then carefully twist inward. What’s great about this hair style is you can rock it neat or messy! Dress it up or dress it down, try this one out next time you need a quick fix hair do.


Last but not least are sock buns! Yup! You read it right, you might be thinking “What? A sock bun?!” To a good amount of women, this trend has become quite popular for all times of the day. If you aren’t familiar this is when you cut the toe part off of a long tube sock and roll it up until it resembles a doughnut shape.Hence the name also being known as “The Doughnut bun”. You then place it at the end of your ponytail and carefully tuck your hair into the center of the shape, rolling towards the base and rotating as needed, eventually you have your finished product! There are of course sponge-like buns you can purchase from the store to get this same look, but who doesn’t like a little DIY once in a while?


A fun transitional look for either day or night, these are best when you aren’t sure how to do your hair for that rustic wedding coming up, or that dinner date you have Friday night! So next time you find yourself thinking of how to switch up your everyday look keep these tips in mind. Stray away from the classic ponytail and elastic hair ties and go for these hair tie alternatives!

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