Just the Hair

When it comes to hair, you may get excited, overwhelmed, or just plain frustrated. BUT…with the many different types of options we have to decorate our crowns, there’s a right one for you.

All of the YouTube videos in the world may not be enough to encourage the most determined, but there is always a way to help switch up your style. When is the last time you braided a friend’s hair? It’s a great way to get some practice in! Be it a boxer braid, a Dutch braid, or a classic French, there are many options for your stylish desires.

Another recent #hairtrend is a headband. Whether you’re working out or it’s just a windy day, a gorgeous headband could be the perfect choice to add some splash to your wave.

Or maybe you’re the trendsetter to kick off something you’ve always wanted to try. Perhaps you’re going to try the unicorn ‘do. Perms were a thing once, which could definitely resurface again, right?

There are always new and exciting ways to test hair boundaries and create something new. Try out that stoplight hair with red, blonde and green and you’ll be the Belle of the ball tonight!

Whatever you choose, be sure to love it. It can only create more people who love you and your stylish ways.

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