Summer Beach Hair Everywhere

beach hair

Summer is right around the corner meaning beach hair is back.

Luckily, creating beach waves are one of the easiest styles to master.

Beach Hair How To’s from Kini Bands

Here are our top 3 tips and tricks:

1. Sea Salt Spray – Mist dampened hair gently with sea salt spray and scrunch with a towel for soft waves. If you know your hair doesn’t like holding a curl, try scrunching and using a Kini Band to put you hair in a messy bun. Leave your hair scrunched in the bun with spray for five to ten minutes. When it’s time to let your hair down, you should have lightly falling, soft waves.
beach hair
2. For tighter beach waves, divide your hair into two sections. Using your favorite Kini Bands or hair ties, put your hair into two tight braids. Lightly mist with water. Once hair is dry, apply a light layer of texturizing spray. When you take your Kini Bands out your hair should have smaller, tight waves.

3. Want a more dramatic look? Break out the curling iron! Spritz your dry hair with texturizing spray and wrap hair into the iron for only 5 seconds each. Gently tug the section of hair while it is still hot to loosen the curl to your preference. Adding a touch of hair spray will help curls hold longer.

Bonus Tip: Nothing says beach hair like a head band made by the sea in Southern California. Add your favorite Siren Headband from Kini Bands for a bohemian touch. Our colors and prints change frequently like the tide, and are available in solids and prints that you can mix and match between outfits and your bikini.

Have you tried this out? We’ve love to see your beach waves, so tag us on Instagram #KiniBands or share a comment with us here.

beach hair

Time to get beachy!


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