Winter Hair Has Us Loving on the Cold

Winter hair trends used to be the season to ditch the highlights and get down with the seasonal lowlights. But hair stylists – and their daring followers – are breaking all the rules this snowy season.

Winter Hair

Winter Hair

We’re now turning the corner to see young women who look like they’ve stepped out of the next phase of Disney’s Frozen. With stark grey and white hair, these silver locks are unique, elegant, and aren’t just for the naturally grey anymore. And well, we love it.

Sparkle & Shine

Winter Wonderland

Or how about taking it a step further with winter hair glitter? Perfect for holiday parties, events, and day-to-day looking like a real live snow princess.

Make It Pop

Winter Makeup
Really want to make a bold winter hair statement? Play with lip colors too that will pop like pinks, purples and blues. Going a bit mermaid-esque for the evening? A green or teal with metallic hues will certainly add some flair to the mix.

Testing The Ice Waters

Winter Hair Style

Want to dip your toes into a winter hair color without entirely taking the plunge and a ton of bleach to your mane? Try using Canva or Adobe Photoshop and turning a photo of your hair into black and white for an initial first idea.

Shades of Grey

Ombre Grey

You can go ombre, add in some white or lighter grey highlights, or just go with one color. And you’ll love the way styling your unique shade looks. Just in time for the cold to set in! So while everyone else will be donning grey garb… You’ll be looking and feeling like Elsa’s grey bombshell fairy godmother.

Who would have ever thought the winter hair wonderland couture would be in style on a young woman? Not us, but we’re simply adoring these looks to spice things up in these cold months.

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